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Reducing Post-Holiday Stress

Bringing Back Your Cheer When the Holidays are Over

Getting back on your normal routine after the holidays can be pretty difficult. With all the warm and fuzzy feelings the holidays bring, it is normal to feel stressed when it’s over. This post-holiday stress can manifest through physical and emotional symptoms such as headaches, anxiety, tiredness, and even depression. If you are one of the many employees who are feeling the post-holiday blues, here are some ways that can help you manage your stress and depression.

Do Not Rush Into Things

With all the demands and deadlines waiting for you at the office, it is perfectly okay to feel rattled and unprepared. Prioritize your responsibilities according to urgency and take it one task at time. Trying to finish everything in one go can just make you vulnerable and prone to mistakes. Try to be more efficient by doing your work slowly but surely.

Give Yourself Some Alone Time

A little peace and quiet can go a long way for your emotional state. Take your lunch outside and eat at your favorite park. Go for a hike or a walk and just enjoy the scenery. You may also want to spend your alone time pampering yourself. Treat yourself to a long, hot bath or get a massage. These simple quiet indulgences can do wonders for your post-holiday stress.

Get Back on Your Exercise Routine

Working out is probably one of the easiest ways to get over your post-holiday blues. Aside from keeping you fit and healthy, exercise is known to elevate moods. After the holidays, make sure to get back on your workout routine to help beat stress and depression.

Reach Out to Other People

When you are feeling overwhelmed after the holidays, you may want to ask the people around you for help. There is nothing wrong with asking your coworker to brainstorm with you or telling your boss that your plate is already overflowing. People can sometimes surprise you and even go out of their way just to help you.

Don’t let the post-holiday stress dictate the course of your whole year. If after some time, you still feel depressed or anxious, please feel free to seek professional help as well.

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