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Best Calorie Trackers

Calories play a big role in weight management. Our body only needs a specific number of calorie intake to maintain our weight—eating more than the needed calories can lead to weight gain. Your average calorie intake depends on your personal data like age, weight, height, gender, and physical activity. Keeping track of your calorie intake is a common way to maintain or lose weight. However, taking fewer calories can be harmful to your health. To measure and track your calorie intake and burning accurately, having a calorie tracker can be extremely helpful.

We discuss some of the most popular wearable fitness or calorie trackers that can be used to monitor your calorie intake and the calories you burn accurately.

Fitness Trackers

Fitness trackers are wearable devices that calculate your physical activity to see how many calories you burned for the day. Things like the number of steps you took, workouts, and your overall heart rate are taken into consideration to give an accurate calculation of the number of calories you burned.

Here are some of the fitness trackers that you may want to consider:

  • Fitbit: One of the most popular tech wear, Fitbit comes in different colors and designs. Fitbit gives you many choices not only with its look but also with health features that are most important to you. Most recent Fitbit designs include heart rate monitors that are vital in calculating the calories you burn. It monitors your heart rate even if you are at a resting state, letting you track the calories you burn just by doing mundane activities. Fitbit has ample battery life and takes only a couple of hours to charge, making it an ideal all-day and all-night activity tracker.
  • Apple Watch: For iPhone users, Apple Watch is a great supplement to your built-in Health App on your phone. Just like Fitbit, the Apple Watch tracks your activities and heart rate to accurately measure the calories you burn. However, unlike the Fitbit, Apple Watch only tracks your heart monitor every 10 minutes unless the Workout mode is activated. The good thing about the Apple Watch is it can give you reminders when you've been in resting phase for a long time. This is helpful especially for people who spends most of their days sitting in front of their desks.
  • Misfit Shine. This wearable tech has a sleek and minimalist design. Like the previous trackers, Misfit Shine has multiple tracking health functions like steps, distance, and sleep. As a calorie tracker, Misfit Shine has a unique daily photo food journal where taking a picture of your food automatically logs it in. Your food shots don’t even have to be Instagram-worthy for the technology to recognize whatever you are eating!
  • Polar FT4. Unlike the previous devices, Polar FT4 is primarily used for heart rate monitoring. This wearable tech boasts of the most accurate calorie counter, OwnCal or Smart Calories. Since it is your heart rate that is crucial to tracking your calories burned, Polar FT4 is the perfect device for those who want less complicated devices. The Polar FT4 is also waterproof so you can use it for water sports like swimming and surfing.

Calorie tracking can be a good strategy in weight management as long as it is measured accurately.

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